• Title: Still Life of Summer Flowers in a White Vase
    Artist: David Alison (1882-1955) Scottish
    Detail: Oil on canvas: 24 x 20 in Frame: 31 x 27 in.
    Price: £1,950
    Location: Hungerford
  • Title: Six Classical Studies of Reliefs from the Arch of Constantine, Rome. Including the Sacrifice of Apollo, A Sacrifice for Diana, Trajan offering a sacrifice to Mars, the God of War.
    Artist: Pietro Santi Bartoli Follower of (1635-1700) Italian
    Detail: Pen and ink on paper: 10 in. Ø (6 x Tondos). Circa 1750-1800
    Price: £5,650
    Location:      Petworth
  • Title: ‘Morning Glory’ -A Portrait of a Young Girl Wearing a Garland of Flowers
    Artist: Attributed to William Henry Hunt (1790-1864) and James Holland (1799 -1870)
    Detail: Oil on canvas: 17 ½ x 18 in. Frame: 23 ½ x 24 in. Circa 1820
    Price:  £4,850
    Location:       Hungerford
  • Title: Still life of pineapples, peaches, grapes, plums and other fruit in a landscape
    Artist: George William Sartorius 1759-1828 British
    Detail: Oil on canvas: 25 ½ x 30 ½ in. frame: 32 x 37 in. Period Empire frame. Circa 1780.
    Price: £3,950
    Location: Please refer
  • Out of stock
    Title: Still Life of Roses and Summer Flowers beside a Window
    Artist: Emily Beatrice Bland (1864-1951) British
    Detail: Oil on board: 20 x 24 in. Frame: 26 x 30 in. Signed. Circa 1920’s
    Price: £2,950
    Location: Hungerford
  • Title: ‘Summer Blooms’ a Still life of Flowers in a Vase on a Ledge
    Artist: Ruth Mercier (Exh.1882-1915) Swiss/French
    Detail: Oil on canvas:18 x 30 ½ in. frame: 24 x 36 in. signed & dated 1890
    Price: £4,850
    Location: Please refer
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