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Lavender, Provence 2~ Marcel Gatteaux

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Lavender, Provence 2~ Marcel Gatteaux


Title: Lavender, Provence II

Artist: Marcel Gatteaux (b.1962) British

Detail: Oil on canvas: 32 x 340in. Frame: 39 x 47 in. Signed

Price: £3,650

Location: Petworth


Marcel Gatteaux studied art at the Camberwell art School, and graduated in 1986. He held his first exhibition in 1997 and continued with an annual one man show in Notting Hill, London for nine years. His Impressionist paintings are now collected around the World.

Marcel travels extensively to the Mediterranean, where he captures in his work the heat and light so often associated with the region. He frequently returns to the South of France, from to Arles to Tarascon a journey that inspires his many paintings of Sunflowers and vines.

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