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Autumn Landscape ~Viggo Peter Olaf Langer


Autumn Landscape ~Viggo Peter Olaf Langer


Title: Autumn Landscape

Artist : Viggo Peter Olaf Langer (1860-1942) Danish

Detail: Oil on canvas: 20 ½ x 28 in. Frame: 27 x 34 in. Signed.

Price: £1,850

Location: Hungerford


Viggo Langer was born in Reudnitz, near Leipzig, Germany in 1860 to Danish and German parents.

He was a student of Vilhelm Kyhn, and Sigurd Konstantin-Hansen at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen 1877-86, and the renowned Danish artist Carl Bloch 1884-85.

Langer was a master of light and colour, and known for his beautifully executed Impressionistic landscapes and atmospheric paintings not only influenced by early Impressionists, but golden age artists like Vilhelm Kyhn and J. T. Lyndbye.

He was a member of the Royal Academy of Art, and appointed painter to the Danish court. Many of his paintings depicted the striking Royal Forests north of Copenhagen, which were later exhibited throughout Europe and numerous national magazines. Also known for his sunset forest scenes and of Denmark’s capital island of Sjælland.

Langer was also an educated concert singer performing throughout the 1890’s at the King’s Royal Theatre (Dagmarteatret in Copenhagen).

He died in 1942 in Rungsted, Denmark.



1881 – December Exhibit at the Charlottenborg Palace.

1882-95, 1900-43 – Spring Exhibition at the Charlottenborg Palace.

1883-88 – Nordic Exhibition in Copenhagen.

1907-09 – KE Exhibit

1901 – Town Hall Exhibit in Copenhagen.

1909 – National Art Exhibit in Arhus.

1913, 16-43 – Royal Forest Artist Exhibition.

1918 – Easter Exhibition at Constantia, (Charlottenborg Palace).

1921,26,32 – Exhibit of national artists in Copenhagen.

1926 – Association of National Art Exhibit at the Charlottenborg Palace.

1974, 82 – “In memory of…” National Exhibits: Sollerod, Holtegaard, and Copenhagen.

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