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Young Girl with Geese ~ Konstantín Rázumov

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Young Girl with Geese ~ Konstantín Rázumov


Title: Young Girl with Geese

Artist:   Konstantin Razumov (Born 1974) Russian

Detail:   Oil on Canvas. 9 x 11 in. (frame: 15 x 17 in.) Signed, and Inscribed in Cyrillic on the reverse. Painted 2020


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Konstantín Rázumov (Константин Разумов) is a Russian painter with a realistic-impressionistic style. He began his studies in art painting in the studio the renowned Russian artist Ilyá Glazunov at the Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow.

Konstantin is faithful to early Impressionism however, he adds some modern touches, which are most evident in his beautiful, charming, soft and sensual nudes.

He paints in Moscow, and in a Paris studio which inspired his elegant ladies in cafes.

We have known Konstantin for more than 15 years and watched his success grow in Europe, since he started painting and framing in Paris.

His demand is now very high and he regularly achieves high values for many of his works of elegant ladies and nudes at auction in Paris, Copenhagen and in London.

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