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Elegant Ladies in the Park ~ Vladimir Gusev


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Elegant Ladies in the Park ~ Vladimir Gusev


Title: Elegant Ladies in the Park
Artist: Vladimir Gusev (Born 1957) Russian
Detail: Oil on Canvas. 22 x 18 in. (frame.29 x 25 in.) Signed, and Inscribed in Cyrillic on the reverse.
Price: £3,250
Location:  Hungerford




Artist Biography


Vladimir Gusev (Владимир Гусев ) was born in Orekhovo-Zouievo near Moscow and trained under Serguei Goussev. He graduated from the Sourikov Institute at the Moscow Fine Arts School where he trained under Serguei Goussev.


Gusev specialises in painting in a realistic style, reminiscent of the late 19th century Russian school. He loves to paint in the open air and with many colours. Subjects include children playing on beaches and genre scenes with children and young ladies. Most of his models are members of his family. He lives and works in Moscow. Gusev’s paintings are in many private collections in Europe and are achieving high prices at auction.

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