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Elegant Nude after the Bath ~ Konstantín Rázumov

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Elegant Nude after the Bath ~ Konstantín Rázumov


Title: Elegant Nude Lady Dressing in the Bathroom

Artist:   Konstantin Razumov (Born 1974) Russian

Detail:   Oil on Canvas. 13x 9.5 in. (frame: 19 x 15 in.) Signed, and Inscribed in Cyrillic on the reverse. Painted 2020


Location: Please refer 6.45


Konstantin Razumov (Константин Разумов) Was born 1974 in Zarinsk, Russia, and studied at the Academy of Arts under Ilya Glazunov in Moscow, where he currently lives. He works from a home studio, and in Paris where he captures the romantic style in his beautiful paintings of elegantly dressed Parisian ladies.


He was influenced by the Russian Romantic painters, notably Ilya Repin and Ivan Aivazovsky, and developed his own unique combination of Romanticism and early Impressionism, and adds some modern touches which are most obvious in his beautiful charming nudes.


Razumov paints several genres and often focuses on elegant young ladies from the Belle Époque; at a Paris Cafe, in their boudoirs, or dancers at the Moulin Rouge and ballet. And like many of the early Romantics, he paints colourful portraits of beauties from the Harem-his own modern way.


In contrast, his landscapes and interiors with Children; Playing on a beach or river bank, in a flower meadow or in party dress or ballet rehearsal are a delight. He often portrays children from a bygone era, and often introducing the child’s favourite pet, making the genre appealing to animal lovers


He is perhaps best known for his elegant- nudes and semi-nudes, in both classical and modern styles.  His nudes are soft & sensuous, and always with well-mannered models!


Artists Value:

Konstantin Razumov’s work has been offered at auction multiple times over the past 25 years, with over one hundred works achieving £6,500-£20,000 (8,000 -24,000 USD). A nude ‘Pearl necklace’ sold in London in 2015 for a record 24,390 USD.

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