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Fantasy ~ Henry John Dykman


Fantasy ~ Henry John Dykman


Title: A still life of a bowl of roses, a cherub in the roses and another seated nearby, a standing female figure looking on.
Artist: Henry John Dykman (1893 – 1972) South African
Detail: Oil on canvas: 24 x 30 in. Frame.31 x 36 in. Signed and dated 1951, inscribed verso.
Price: £2,450
Location: Please Refer



Artist Biography


Henry John Dykman was a South African painter of still life flowers. Little is known about the life of this talented artist. He had a daughter Jeanette Dykman who was born in 1938, who became a painter of flowers and studied under him.


Gallery note: Works by Dykman are rare to find outside of his native South Africa and mainly appear at auction houses in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Recently cleaned and revarnished by our gallery. Presented in a new bespoke gilt frame.

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