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‘Jerusalem 2002’ – A unique tapestry

Jerusalem 2002
Jerusalem 2002



‘Jerusalem 2002’ – A unique tapestry

Product Description

Title: The ‘Jerusalem art-map’ series of Norbert Ceulemans
Artist: Norbert Ceulemans
Detail: 56 x 80 inches (140 x 200 cm)
Price: £6,500
Location: Hungerford



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‘Jerusalem 2002’ – A unique tapestry based upon Norbert Ceulemans celebrated art-map series of Jerusalem, commissioned by the State of Israel to commemorate the 50thanniversary of the State in


The ‘Jerusalem art-map’ series of Norbert Ceulemans


The drawing of the map took hours of creativity and outstanding craftsmanship. Like the 16th century cartographers Norbert Ceulemans created three-dimensional views seen at 45 degrees.


He used old archives, detailed photographs of buildings facades and thousands of aerial photographs to accurately map out the city, and hours of skill to ink in and colour the shapes by hand. After detailed inspection the individual map sections were digitally scanned and reproduced as the art-map series.


The whole series took over three years to complete and captured the special light and beauty of the Golden City, and received international attention while promoted by the National Geographic Society.


The Major of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert awarded Ceulemans the Silver ’50 years Israel’ Commemoration Medal issued by the State of Israel in 1998, for producing the ‘Art Map of the Century’.


By this time Ceulemans had already produced 29 exclusive, limited edition maps of European cities for celebrations as prestigious as Unification of Europe, the World Expo, the Olympic Games. This series his thirtieth was a milestone in the artists career.


 A Limited Edition of Six Tapestries Woven in Flanders in 2002


The Jerusalem Series was celebrated in 2002 by the updating of the central map to produce six traditional Flemish tapestries depicting the Old City, flanked by the King David Hotel to the west and Mount Olive to  the right.


For personal reasons only one tapestry was offered for sale, sold at a charity auction in Palm Beach to one of the most prominent Jewish families in America.


The five remaining tapestries have now been consigned to Thomas Fine Art by Norbert Ceulemans son Stefan, who was involved with his father in the original research and aerial photography of Jerusalem.


Each tapestry was woven in Flanders with more than 32 different colours, the highest standard of interlocking and hand finished.

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