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The Great Mr Handel ~ Rank Organisation Artist

Mr Handle
Mr Handle


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‘The Great Mr Handel’

Product Description

Title: An original backdrop from the 1942 film 'The Great Mr Handel’
Artist: Rank Organisation Artist 20 th century
Detail: Oil on canvas: 24 x 32 in. frame: 32 x 40 in.
Price: £1,650
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Artist Biography


The Great Mr. Handel is a 1942 British historical film directed by Norman Walker and starring Wilfrid Lawson, Elizabeth Allan and Malcolm Keen. The film is a biopic of the 18th-century German-British composer Georg Friedrich Händel, focusing in particular on the years leading up to his 1741 oratorio Messiah.


The film was made by the Rank Organisation at Denham Studios, using Technicolor.


Provenance: Private collection, North London.