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J-Class Start ~ William Henry Bishop

J-Class Start
J Class

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J-Class Start

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Title: J-Class Start … off the Royal Yacht Squadron,2012RESERVED
Artist: William Henry Bishop (Born 1942) British
Detail: Oil on panel. 10 x 16 in. frame:15 x 21 in. signed.
Price: £POA
Location: Hungerford



Artist Biography


‘Three of the four J’s have hit the start line perfectly as the smoke from the gun in front of the Royal Yacht Squadron blows away. One has misjudged it! Perhaps a bit of artists licence! All four were close together and continually cross tacking later on in the beat to the windward mark’ Bill Bishop.


Bill Bishop paints almost entirely in oils producing finely detailed works which are carefully researched for historical accuracy. He has painted everything from Viking ships to windsurfers, and historical naval battles to contemporary yachting scenes. In recent years, whilst still considering himself primarily a marine artist Bill, with a love of wildlife, has also taken to painting animals of all kinds.


Bill has been selling his work for many years with Quester Gallery in America, the maritime art dealers, as well as accepting commissions from around the world. Commissions invited today for Marine, Vintage Cars and Aircraft.


Works represented: Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth; a depiction of ‘Windy Corner’ at the Battle of Jutland. The Mary Rose Trust; the Mary Rose, King Henry VIII’s warship, (both in her recovery cradle from life in watercolour and also the definitive version of how she originally looked in oils), HMS Warrior. The City of Bristol; John Cabot’s ship, Matthew of 1497.The Minnesota Marine Art Museum, America; A monumental battle scene to mark the bi-centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, 2005.


Dictionary: Sea Painters of Europe and America 3rd Edition, by E.H.H Archibald.


Private collections: America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Morocco, Oman, Gibraltar, Germany, The Falkland Islands, Belgium and Denmark, and UK.