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Edge of the Pine Forest ~ Karl Harald Alfred Broge ❤

Edge of the Pine Forest
Edge of the Pine Forest


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Edge of the Pine Forest

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Title: Edge of the Pine Forest RESERVED
Artist: Karl Harald Alfred Broge (1870–1955) Danish
Detail: Oil on canvas: 19 x 22 in. frame: 25 x 28 in. Signed. Circa 1900


Artist Biography


Karl Harald Alfred Broge was a painter of the Danish School, born in Copenhagen in 1870. He was a pupil of Holger Grönvold, and exhibited at the Academy of Arts from 1889 to 1894, where he was a student of Rudolf Bissen for a short while.


He is best known for his sunlit Danish interiors, often with a seated lady, which can command high prices at auction, but also an accomplished painter of Danish Landscapes which he exhibited at the Academy in 1891, 1892 and 1894.


He was appointed director of a “drawing school for women without fortune”