An Italian Town Scene on a River ~ Eduard Hildebrandt

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An Italian Town Scene on a River

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Title: An Italian Town Scene on a River
Artist: Eduard Hildebrandt (1818-1869) German
Detail: Oil on canvas: 22 x 31 in Frame: 30 x 39 in. Signed. Monogrammed on a sail. Circa 1850
Price: £5,850
Location: Hungerford


  1. Artist Biography


Eduard Hildebrandt studied in Berlin and in Paris where he perfected his technique. Hildebrandt travelled widely during his lifetime capturing views across Europe, The Orient and both South and North America. He sent his pictures back to Europe where he frequently exhibited, he won a gold medal at the Salon de Paris of 1843. Hildebrandt died at Berlin on the 25th of October 1868.

Today his work can be seen in the Museums of Berlin, Cologne and Rouen.

Gallery note: This lovely painting is a good example of Hildebrandt’s atmospheric townscapes in low sun. The presence of numerous fishing sail boats suggests the town lies close to the coast.