A Young Woman in White Blouse ~ George Richmond RA / Attrib.

George Richmond RA
George Richmond RA


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A Young Woman in White Blouse

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Title: Portrait, Head & Shoulders of a Young Woman in White Blouse.
Artist: George Richmond RA. Attributed to (1809 –1896) British
Detail: Oil on canvas.24 x 20 in. Frame: 30 x 26. Circa 1830
Price: £4,250
Location: Petworth


Artist Biography


George Richmond was an English painter and portraitist. In his youth he was a member of The Ancients, a group of followers of William Blake. Later in life he established a career as a portrait painter, which included painting the portraits of the British gentry, nobility and royalty.


He was the son of Thomas Richmond, miniature-painter, and was the father of the painter William Blake Richmond as well as the grandfather of the naval historian, Admiral Sir Herbert Richmond.


Entered the RA Schools in 1824, where he formed a life-long friendship with Samuel Palmer and was impressed by Fuseli.


Exhibited 196 works at the RA. His sitters included Samuel Palmer, Charlotte Bronte, John Ruskin, HRH Prince of Wales and John Kemble.


Works represented: National Portrait Gallery (London & Edinburgh), VAM, and elsewhere.


Dict: Portrait Painters in Britain up to 1920, B. Stewart & M.Cutten.