A Still Life of Fruits and Flowers on a Mossy Bank ~ Marius Vasselon

Marius Vasselon
Marius Vasselon
Marius Vasselon


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A Still Life of Fruits and Flowers on a Mossy Bank

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Title: A Still Life of Fruits and Flowers on a Mossy Bank.
Artist: Marius Vasselon 1814-84 French
Detail: Oil on canvas: 45 x 34 in. frame: 52 x 41 in. Signed & dated 1865
Price: £8750
Location: Hungerford


Artist Biography


Marius Vasselon was one of the Vasselon family of French painters during the 19 th and 20 th century.


Marius was born 20th June 1841 in Saint-Étienne. He was the son of the painter Edouard Vasselon and the brother of the painter Alice Vasselon.


Studied under Leon Bonnat and Dessurgey, and painted landscapes on location, still life’s, murals, nudes and portraits.

Marius worked and lived in Montmartre. In 1860 and 1861 he painted landscapes on the banks of the Seine and around Paris: Argenteuil, Bois de Boulogne, Passy, Joinville, Issy. He travelled to Brussels, Ghent, Amsterdam, up the Rhine to Mainz, then Strasbourg in 1910. He paints landscapes of Montmartre, the Gurandae peninsula, nudes, or mythological subjects.


He exhibited at the Salon des artistes Français: Sara the bather (1890), Young Girl, Primed (1896), The Young Bather (1908), The Young Fisherman 1910), Young Girl, Women in boats (1911), La Marguerite (1913), The Source (1914), La Chiromancienne (1914). He also exhibited at the Winter Show from 1908 to 1924.


He was married to Hortense Dury-Vasselon , a painter who specialized in flowers. The couple had three children Gabrielle, Jeanne and Martha (mother of the painter Claude Le Baube). The three girls learned drawing and painting and went on to exhibit at the Paris Salon until 1914.