• Title: Bust of a Beautiful Maiden
    Artist: Holme Cardwell (Active 1834 – 1895) British
    Detail:   White marble sculpture. Signed, dated Holme Cardwell, Rome 1865. Size: H:23 in W: 16in D: 8 in.
    Price: £15,000
    Location:  Petworth
  • Title: ‘Feste Bacchique’ and ‘Partie de Chasse’ Artist: After Jean-Antoine Watteau (1684-1721) French Detail: Set of two hand-coloured engravings. Plate size 23 x 13.5 in. Frame: 36 x 26 in. ca.1730. Price: £ 1650 ( pair) Location: Please refer
  • Title: A Gathering by a Lake in the Roman Campagna Artist: Samuel James Ainsley (1806–1874) British Detail: Oil on canvas: 48 x 65 in. Framed: 58 x 74 in. Circa 1840 Price: £ P.O.A. Location: Please refer
  • Title: Portrait of a Boy in Grey Silk Tunic and Blue Cape, standing in a Landscape Holding a Bow with his Spaniel by his side.
    Artist: Bartholomeus Meyburgh (1624-1708) Dutch
    Detail: Oil on canvas:37 ½ x 29 in. Framed: 41 x 34 in. Signed and dated 1684
    Price: £19,800
    Location: Petworth
  • Title: The Retrieval
    Artist: William Woodhouse (1857-1939) British
    Detail: Oil on canvas: 24 x 15 in. Framed: 24 x 20 in. Signed. Circa 1910.
    Price: £7,850
    Location: Please refer
  • Title: Pheasants, Mallards and a Lapwing in a River Landscape
    Artist: Charles Collins (Circa 1680-1744) British
    Detail: Oil on canvas: 40 x 51 in. Framed: 44 x 55 in. Circa 1720
    Price: £29,800
    Location: Petworth
  • Title: The Scuola Grande di San Marco, Venice
    Artist: Miss Jane Vivian (De Fleury) (Fl. 1869 to 1893) British
    Detail: Oil on canvas: 30 x 50 in. Frame:40 x60 in. Signed lower left. Circa 1870.
    Price: £28,500
    Location: Petworth
  • Title: A Romantic Spring Garden
    Artist: Tom Mostyn (1864-1930) British
    Detail: Oil on canvas: 61 x 93. Frame: 71 x 103 in. Signed. Circa 1920. Original period frame.
    Price: £22,500
    Location: Please refer
  • Title: A Lady of the Arts
    Artist: Italian School Circa: 1900
    Detail: Height: 18”. Width: 6”. Depth: 8". Signed. Indistinctly signed Prof. R. V……ucci.
    Price: £2,950
    Location:  Please Refer
  • Title: Portrait, Head & Shoulders of a Young Woman in White Blouse.
    Artist: George Richmond RA. Attributed to (1809 –1896) British
    Detail: Oil on canvas.24 x 20 in. Frame: 30 x 26. Circa 1830's
    Price: £4,250
    Location: Please refer
  • Out of stock
    Title  Portrait of Master Dourousset, Actor of the Covent Garden Theatre Company, 1811.
    Artist: Henry William Pickersgill R.A. (1782-1875) British
    Detail: Oil on cradled panel.17 ½ x14 ½ in. Frame.23 x20 in. Indistinctly inscribed on remnants of old label verso*. Cradled panel impressed ‘G.Morrell’** Exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1811, (No. 426)
    Price: £6,500
    Location: Please refer
  • Title: A Pretty Country Girl in a Landscape with her Knitting, a Basket and a Flower.
    Artist: Charles Sillem Lidderdale R.B.A (1831-1895) British
    Detail: Oil on canvas 23x15 in. frame:30 x 22 in. Monogrammed and dated 92' lower right.
    Price: £10,800
    Location: Please refer
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