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Bylane in the New Forrest ~ William Shayer Snr

A Bylane in The New Forrest



A Bylane in The New Forrest

Product Description

Title: A Bylane in The New Forrest
Artist: William Shayer Snr (1787 - 1879) - British
Detail: Oil on canvas : 28 x23 in.Frame:40x34 in. Signed
Price: £10,800
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Artist Biography


William Shayer Snr was a famous painter of landscapes and coastal scenes. Born in Southampton, his initial training as a coach painter provided him with a thorough technical grounding. He used skilful glazing techniques, which give his works great depth and luminosity. His work typifies English rural life in the first half of the 19 th Century and frequently depicts Hampshire and the New Forest. Shayer was prolific through necessity, having 10 children before he fully established as an artist. William Joseph & Edward Dashwood became artists, as did Shayer’s two sons by his second wife Elizabeth, Henry Thring & Charles Waller. He exhibited many works including 338 at Suffolk Street, the Royal Academy from 1820 -1843, the Royal Society of British Artists, and the British Institute.


This particular work shows William Snr working on his own and at his very finest. Although undated, it would seem to dated from 1845-1850, as after this period much of his work is done with his younger sons Henry &  Charles, as his assistants. Also of note is the superb condition of this paint & canvas.


Works in public collections: Numerous British Museums including the Tate Gallery, London; Glasgow Art Gallery; Leicester Art Gallery; V&A Museum; Sunderland Art Gallery.


Bibl: The Shayer Family of Painters- Steward/ Cutten

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