Moored Boats in a Calm

Abraham Hulk Senior
(1813 – 1897) Dutch
Title Moored Boats in a Calm
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Medium & Size Oil on canvas:12 x 18 in.Frame:19x25 in.Signed
Price Band £10,000 - £20,000
Location Barn Gallery

Abraham Hulk was born in London to a family of Dutch painters, and was sent back to his parents’ native Amsterdam as a pupil of the Academy where he met and studied under Jean Augustin Daiwaille, the portrait painter.

In 1833 he visited North America where he probably saw the works of the Hudson River School with their incredible use of light and colour.

Hulk returned to Holland then on to England in 1870 where he stayed and successfully established himself as a marine painter in the Dutch romantic style.

He exhibited his work in Amsterdam, The Hague and Leeuwarden between 1843 and 1868. At the Royal Academy, London he only exhibited 3 paintings in 1876 and 1890 and these were Dutch coastal and estuary scenes He also exhibited 15 paintings at Suffolk Street.

Hulk Senior was the best known member of the family who all painted. He was a master of atmosphere in his romantic calms as can be seen in this painting. His paintings are peaceful, beautifully composed and have a romantic feel about them. Most of his paintings are scenes on Dutch estuaries.

His individual style is easily recognised and today he has become one of the most keenly collected marine painters of the 19th Century.

His son Abraham Hulk Jnr (FL 1876-1898) painted landscapes and some marines in the style of his father.



Works in Public Collections: Dordrecht, Haarlem

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This work is one of Hulk’s finest and presented in pristine condition

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