Fêtes Vénitiennes

After Jean Antoine Watteau
Title Fêtes Vénitiennes
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Medium & Size Oil on canvas: 73x63in. (Frame: 85x75 in.) Circa 1920
Price Band £2,000 - £5,000
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This fabulous decorative painting is a rare grand scale copy of the original work by Watteau, measuring 22x19 inches, and now in the National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh. The painting would have certainly been a commission for a large chateau, painted by one of Paris’s highly talented decorative painters in the early 20th century.

Antoine Watteau brought the fête galante to its highest point when he created a mysterious, melancholy, dreamlike world populated by well-dressed people who flirt and play gracefully in park- like surroundings. The pastoral setting emphasizes the essential innocence and spontaneity of the participants, who are unafflicted by the stiffness imposed by the conventions of formal society. Eroticism is subtly rather than openly expressed. Fête galantes continued to be depicted by Watteau's pupils Nicolas Lancret and Jean-Baptiste Pater. The fête champêtre and fête galante ended with the termination of the Rococo period in the late 18th century.

Provenance: Private collection, London.

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