Cockerels and Ornamental Flow in a landscape

Adriaen Van Oolen RESERVED
(Born circa1670, died after1694) Flemish
Title Cockerels and Ornamental Flow in a landscape
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Medium & Size Oil on c canvas: 38 x 31 in. Framed size: 42 x 36 in.Signed.
Price Band £5,000 - £10,000
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Adriaen van Oolen became a painter of birds and farmyard scenes. His work was strongly influenced by Melchior d’Hondecoeter, the famous painter of birds and fowl who lived and worked in Amsterdam. Like Hondecoeter, van Oolen carried on the tradition of bird and fowl painting. He was so successful that his works have often been mistaken for Hondecoeter’s. The great variety of birds in their different poses are typical, some still, some moving and some even cropped to give a rather contrived sense of spontaneity. Van Oolen’s backgrounds are also characteristic, with classical ruins and Italianate garden landscapes. The selection of birds too can be related to other works known to be by the artist. The overall effect, with its high degree of finish, is a striking example of van Oolen’s work.

His father Jan Van Oolen 1651- 1698 was a landscape and still life painter.

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