Autumn Evening Venice

Ken Moroney
(Born 1949 ) British
Title Autumn Evening Venice
Category Recently Sold
Medium & Size Oil on board (16 ½ x 20 ½ in.) Frame.20x24 in.Signed
Price Band up to £2,000
Location Petworth

Ken Moroney was born in London on the 14 February 1949. His father was Irish and mother English. He became interested in art at an early age and his creative development came from books, galleries and museums; and he is totally self-taught. As a young man he took up boxing to prove to his father that his interest in art was not effeminate. Many dealers over four decades have tried to encourage him to become their resident artist, but it was always to no avail. Ken’s nomadic nature would never let him settle. His sojourns in England were varied however he did settle for several years in France, hence the Parisian and Brittany paintings. He is without doubt a genuine and naturally creative painter whose painterly ability visually excites his audience. His paintings display a tremendous understanding of subject, colour and composition and the varied subject matter of both past and present creates a stimulating diversity. His out of period paintings are always appealing as are his recent paintings of modern times which manage to create a classical or timeless appeal. Kens earlier works were incredibly detailed; but gradually his style has become far more impressionistic. Ken has exhibited throughout the world with exhibits at the Royal Academy, London; and Beaux Arts, Paris. He also painted many works for some of the leading London Galleries, David Messum Fine Art and Petley Fine Art.

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