A view in Granada

Tomas Martin Rebollo
(1858-1919) Spanish
Title A view in Granada
Category Recently Sold
Medium & Size Oil on panel: 13 ½ x8 ½ in. (Frame: 18x13in.) Signed
Price Band £2,000 - £5,000
Location Petworth

Tomás Martín Rebollo was born in Calle de San Juan de los Reyes in Albaicín, Granada, in 1858. Fortuny's stay in Granada was a key factor in the young artist's development, as it stimulated his passion for water colours, and when the great artist left for Italy in October 1872, he enrolled at the School of Fine Art in Granada, already giving his profession as artist. At the School he was taught by the painter Julián Sanz del Valle, a very different teacher from Fortuny. At the age of eighteen he exhibited at the brilliant exhibition held in Granada in 1876 and was awarded a silver medal. The following year he presented some water colours at the exhibition the Sociedad Económica dedicated to King Alfonso XII on the occasion of his visit to the city and he prepared the watercolour design for the membership diploma the Society presented to the King.

Martín moved to Madrid, keen to find new horizons and widen his knowledge. He joined the Fine Arts Circle, attended classes in watercolour painting there and took part in its first exhibition in 1880 with Larrocha, another Granada-born painter. He returned to Granada in summer 1882 and it was at this time that an English newspaper praised his watercolours of themes linked to Granada and his copy of a portrait. His shy, modest character did not help him to make his way in the local art world, so he returned to Madrid, where one of his pen drawings was included in the album the Academy of Jurisprudence presented to Queen Maria Christina when its new premises were inaugurated in 1883                                                                             

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