A Room with a View

Hans Hilsoe
Known as Hans Hilse (1871-1942) Danish
Title A Room with a View
Category Recently Sold
Medium & Size Oil on canvas: 26 ½ x 22 ½ in. Frame: 33 x 29 ½ in.Signed.
Price Band £5,000 - £10,000
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Hans was born in Denmark and went on to become a very talented painter of interior scenes, landscapes and rural views.

It is his formal interior room views that he is best known as they convey a wonderful feeling of calm.

This particular genre of painting was very popular in Scandinavia mostly without figures in them.

In this painting there is the suggestion that somebody has just left the room, from the aspect that the door is left slightly open.

Another particularly charming aspect of this work is the glorious garden view through the window which is rarely included in these pictures.

The attention to detail is superb with the very clever depiction of the dusty light in the bright sunshine.

At a time when photography had become common place this piece of high realism conveys far more than a photograph could.

Bibl: Benezit


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