A Donkey and Chickens in a Stable Interior

Claude Hunt
(1863 – 1949) British
Title A Donkey and Chickens in a Stable Interior
Category Recently Sold
Medium & Size Oil on canvas: 18 x 24 inches. Frame: 2 4x30 inches. Signed E.Hunt
Price Band £5,000 - £10,000
Location Barn Gallery

Claude Hunt was a painter of farmyard scenes with animals and birds, and also of dogs in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Although details of the artist’s life and the relationships of the Hunt family of artists are currently scarce, the similarity of style and technique to the works of Edgar Hunt (1876-1953) and Walter Hunt (1861-1941) are unmistakable. The hunt family painted in a meticulous and realistic style which is very recognisable and highly sought after by collectors today.  

It seems very likely that members of this family acted as a ‘firm’ assisting each other in painting specific animals in the paintings.

Claude’s pictures tend to contain dogs, donkeys and figures; whereas Edgar’s work mainly contains birds, rabbits and goats.

In paintings such as this one, which details from around 1910, it would appear that more than one artist from the Hunt family is at work here. 

The painting is signed E.Hunt although we feel the main part of the work is by Claude with the helping hand of Edgar (particularly the two chickens in the foreground) .To avoid any confusion we are selling this delightful and high quality painting signed as by Claude Hunt.

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