‘The Orchard’

Thomas Mathew Rooke RWS
(1842-1942) British
Title ‘The Orchard’
Category Recently Sold
Medium & Size Oil with gold paint on panel: 18x24 in. Frame: 24x30 in. Original painted arched top and frame
Price Band £5,000 - £10,000
Location Petworth

Born in London, he was a landscape, architectural, portrait and Biblical painter in oils and watercolours. He studied at the Royal College of Art and the RA Schools. He became a designer for the William Morris Company in 1869 where he became the principle assistant and disciple to BURNE-JONES for almost 30 years, the master called him ‘Little Rooke’. Rooke’s work was clearly influenced by Burne-Jones, Pre-Raphaelite in style with much attention to detail in trees, foliage and drapery. He was later taken to the Continent by JOHN RUSKIN to draw old architecture which formed much of his later work. However he continued to help Burne-Jones until the latter’s death, keeping a diary of conservations with the master which were later published. He was much involved with the Arts and Crafts Movement, and was a founder member of the Art Workers’ Guild in 1884. He became a full member of the RWS in 1903, sending work there until the age of 97. He exhibited at the RA, RWS, RHA and the City Art Galleries of Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. He is represented at the Tate, Birmingham City Art Gallery, Ashmolean Museum Oxford, Lancaster University and The Bournemouth Art Gallery. Provenance: Sothebys

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